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This is where I decided to put stuff that I have found on the internet that didn't seem to have enough mirrors, or just stuff that might be useful.


This is very ancient: I was looking for a way to do graphs in TeX long long ago, and inserting postscript just wasn't doing it, for a number of reasons. Graph-TeX was a much better solution for me. It became obscure over time, and I myself have moved on to other solutions, but I've kept a mirror. If you have trouble finding it, I have a (possibly outdated) copy.
graphtex1.0beta.tgz (54791 bytes) gzipped tar file

Vi Reference Card

There are a lot of reference cards for Vi around, but none seemed suited to my taste, so I created my own. I like to believe that with this one I have caught the ``spirit of Vi'' in one page. I actually use the Vim editor which is even nicer than Vi.
vi-ref.tex ( bytes) LaTeX source
vi-ref.dvi ( bytes) TeX DVI file
vi-ref.pdf ( bytes) Portable Document Format ( bytes) Postscript

If you are also a Vim user, then you may like ``The Back Side,'' intended to be a companion to the Vi Reference Card.
vi-back.tex ( bytes) LaTeX source
vi-back.dvi ( bytes) TeX DVI file
vi-back.pdf ( bytes) Portable Document Format ( bytes) Postscript

Vim xhtml macros

Since embracing xhtml for all of my pages, I decided to create a set of Vim xhtml macros. Place them in your .vim/ftplugin directory. They create a menu in the gui and define numerous shortcuts beginning with ; (for example ;tt creates a pair of <tt></tt> tags).
xhtml.vim ( bytes) Vim macros

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